Our humble beginningPsage Merdana (M) Sdn Bhd was founded by two friends back in 2003. Back then Fly Fishing in Malaysia was still at its infancy. It was known only to a small group of Fly Fishing Anglers who had knowledge of it from their travel overseas. Fly fishing Equipment were hardly available and only one retail outlet had started some inroads into this sport.

One of the founders was a Fly Fishing enthusiast and he himself had a hard time obtaining knowledge and equipment on this great sport. These two friends often talked about this sport and its lack of equipment availability in Malaysia. They knew that Equipment availability locally would be one of the main factors that would help promote and create awareness of this sport in Malaysia. Thus they set out to try and import in some Fly Fishing equipment as well as Fly Tying material.

The First brand introduced was Water Works Lamson and from then on little by little more Brands were added. Now Psage Merdana (M) Sdn. Bhd. is the sole importer and distributor of many renowned brands from the World over.

Fly Fishing today has a large following and is growing fast as the preferred Sports Fishing technique in   Malaysia. Fly tying has also taken off well with many Fly Anglers tying a great array of innovative flies   themselves with patterns that is preferred by the local species.

...........................................AND NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY !!!!

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